Thursday, October 11, 2012

Netherfriends at Schubas

Shawn Rosenblatt, otherwise known as Netherfriends, played this summer at Schubas and found some time to sit down with me and talk about his musical endeavors.
"I think I just wanted to do a project that would keep me motivated," Shawn said about his latest album, Middle America.
He's been on the road for about two years, and is working on his Sufjan Stevens-esque 50 states project, with a song for every state (much more feasible than an album for each, Sufjan).
The show brought a large crowd. He looped his vocals and instruments all over the place, and was joined onstage by several other musicians. I was surprised when the show ended- I enjoyed the set so much that I barely realized time was passing.

Now you can enjoy the sounds of Netherfriends every Monday, since he'll be doing a residency at Schubas. Each live performance will be recorded as part of a new album.

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