Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lollapalooza 2012: Sunday Wrap-Up

I woke Sunday, tired but ready to finish out Lolla weekend with the best day yet.
I'd planned to get to the park in time for Oberhofer, but sadly couldn't drag myself out of bed in time. (I've been loving Time Capsules II, though).

Once I arrived at the park, I stopped by the media tent to grabbed some water, got my photo snapped by MTV Style, and then headed over to the Red Bull stage to start waiting for Sigur Ros. (In the process, I also accidentally heard some Trampled By Turtles. Not my thing).

As soon as Jonsi and the rest of the band took the stage, I was captivated. Watching him use the bow on his guitar and blast his lovely vibrato into the microphone gave me shivers down my spine, even though I was sweating in the sun. I only wish they'd been given a later slot, so I could listen to them while the sun went down.

After Sigur Ros, I went to see Florence and the Machine, who blew me away. Florence Welch is a GODDESS. She wore a flowing dress onstage and had fans blowing on her so it looked like she was flying the entire time. Her voice boomed out over the crowd as she danced across the stage. During one song, she called for people to get on each other's shoulders.

Immediately after that, Chairlift took the stage. The crowd was a little small, due to the rescheduling, but they still played an awesome set. I danced and sang along.

For the end of my weekend, I chose to see Childish Gambino. I'll admit, I'm in love with Donald Glover. How could I not be? Have you seen Community? Have you heard his witty rapping?  What a man. What a weekend. <3 LOLLA <3

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