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Stic-of-the-Week. You may wonder what bands you should check out August 6-8 on your Lollapalooza-filled weekend. Well that’s what Stic-of-the-Week is here for, to tell you about must-see shows for three days jam-packed with music, sun, friends, fashion, sweat, dancing, water, after-parties, before-parties, Urban Outfitters Kick Off Party
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FRIDAY, August 6th 

The Constellations – This buzzed about band sings the song “Felicia” from the Southern Gothic album, which was just released at the end of June. Stic has an exclusive interview with them at Lolla as well, so be sure to check back on Stic-of-the-Week.

American Bang – If you want up-beat head shacking music, be sure to check these guys out. How can’t you with a song like “Wild and Young?” I first heard this band on an ABC Family show called Greek (yes, don’t poke fun). These guys are kick-ass! Go hear to see the past write-up.

Drive-By Truckers/ My Dear Disco – Two totally different bands: Drive-By Trucks is bluegrass music with the popular song “Two Daughters” and a “Beautiful Wife”, and, on the other side of the spectrum, My Dear Disco is pop, electronic music.  
5:00p.m. Dirty Projectors/ Matt & Kim – Dirty Projectors is an NYC band, and their popularity has spread like a wild fire this year. If you haven’t seen these guys, you must swing on by and check this group out. You won’t be disappointed! Matt & Kim is also playing at five—worth stopping by if you are game for splitting the time up check out both bands. With catchy tunes like “Lightspeed,” Matt & Kim are slightly more up-beat then Dirty Projects, but both are incredible bands!

Hot Chip/The Black Keys – Hot Chip was one of my favorite shows at Coachella—these guys have a way of truly capturing the audience, and you just stand there in awe of how good they are live!  The Black Keys are amazing as well. I say either flip a coin, try to see both, or go with Hot Chip and then catch The Black Keys at the Metro, Chicago on Aug.7 instead.

Lady Gaga vs. The Strokes – I say start things out with Gaga and then high tail it over to The Strokes. I mean after all its Gaga... I just want to see what she decides to wear!  I’ve loved The Strokes dating back to “The O.C.” days, never seen them can you not love The Strokes!?

SATURDAY, August 7th

The Morning Benders- This music is just perfect for summer, and a great way to start off the day. I just started listen to these guys a month ago when they came out with the album “Big Echo” in June. They are a very talented bunch, and they’re for sure worth sitting in the hot sun for!

The Soft Pack – These rockers with songs like C’mon, why wouldn’t you want to check these guys out?

Rogue Wave  - With songs called Lake Michigan and Chicago X 12, how can you miss an opportunity to check these guys out when they are playing at Grant Park, right by Lake Michigan?

Blues Traveler – Where have these guys been? I remember seeing them several years back at Summerfest in Milwaukee. Who can forget the Four album? I mean after all “the hook brings you back.” 
3:00p.m/3:15 p.m. 
Dan Black & The xx – I would say, for these two bands, it depends what you are up for because they are completely different but both are wonderful! Dan Black is much more upbeat, and The xx is very low-key. I saw The xx at Coachella; it wasn’t that low-key there because the stage caught on fire!

Grizzly Bear – I haven’t seen these guys since they played at Pitchfork a few years ago. This band has grown on me over the years; I would for sure check them out! 

5:00p.m. Deer Tick – I first heard Deer Tick live last year at Bottom Lounge in Chicago. T he lead singer John McCauley was standing in the audience chugging whiskey, his voice is very distinctive and they are just all around very different. Go here to see past show pictures.

6:15 p.m./ 6:30 p.m. / 6:45 p.m – Spoon/ Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros/Slightly Stoopied - These time slots are a triple threat for me, they are all amazing bands. I saw Spoon and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros at Coachella, and they were both amazing live. I’m impressed by how much Spoon has blown up this year. I’d been listening to them for about five years. I’m personally leaning towards Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros for 30 minutes then heading to check out Slightly Stoopied.

7:45p.m. Green Day – I mean it’s Green Day, who didn’t own the “Dookie” album? I remember they were all the buzz!

8:30p.m. Phoenix – Talk about a band that has blown up, WOW! I’ve heard them everywhere from Cadillac commercials to TV shows, and everywhere in between. Well they know how to rock, that’s for sure. It’s for sure a must-see show at Lolla!

SUNDAY, August 8th 

Hockey at Lincoln Hall

11:30a.m. Miniature Tigers – When I first heard them, I immediately loved them. If you haven't heard of this band, you need to check them out! They just came out with a new album on July 27th called FORTRESS; I’m doing an interview with them as well, so be sure to check back here soon.

12:00p.m. Team Bayside High – This DJ duo is amazing and from Chicago. They are just fun, check them out!

2:00p.m. Blitzen Trapper – These guys bring me back to the 70’s style music, and they are just a really talented group.

3:00p.m Freelance Whales – I saw them open for The Shout Out Loads; they are a very talented group, and you don’t know what instrumental piece they will break out. I have an interview with Chuck, so be sure to check out it out here.

3:30p.m. Hockey – WOW! This band is unstoppable! I saw them at Lincoln Hall, Chicago a few months ago, one of the best shows I’ve seen! The music is upbeat and just incredibly catchy! Go here to see a past show review.

4:00p.m Yeasayer – How can’t you like the song “Ambling Apl?” I mean it’s just an amazing song--I think in one week I listen to it 20+ times. The guys played in Chicago few months ago at the Metro with Sleigh Bells.

5:00p.m Frightened Rabbit –I’ve been waiting to check out this much buzzed-about band. I was supposed to see them at Coachella but they got caught in the U.K. with the volcano. I am, to say the least, thrilled to finally see them!

6:00p.m. MGMT vs. Wolfmother –Really? They both have to be playing at 6!! I love both of these bands so much, I’m not really sure who I’ll go see? Help!
6:30p.m. The Temper Trap – The Temper Trap is a very buzzed about band, and were also featured on the “(500) Days Of Summer soundtrack.”

7:15p.m. The National - 
Matt Berninger the lead singer, has such a distinctive low voice pitch, how can’t you like it? They released a new album in May called “High Violet.” 

8:00p.m. Soundgarden – I haven’t listed to these guys in years I’ll admit, but I’m excited to see how they are live!

8:30p.m. Arcade Fire – It’s AF--be there! 

Go to for more information. If you have an iPhone, be sure to download the app. 

Now go have fun!!

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