Saturday, July 31, 2010

Augustana was in Chicago...

You know the expression “a pictures says a thousand words?” I don't think even pictures could describe how incredible Augustana's performance was on Thursday night. A private show sponsored by Buick at River East Art Center. A warehouse converted into an art gallery with an incredible walkway around the stage that looked down to the stage seemed to be a perfect place for performance by Augustana. Lead singer Dan Layus, drew in the audience and made what was sort of a stuffy event into a music maven. Drinks in hand and a crowd of fans surrounded the stage for a performance everyone couldn’t get enough of and were singing along with hit songs like “Boston.” The band currently on tour, and will be back in Chicago at the end of August playing two performances at Ravinia up in Highland Park with the Counting Crows (Aug. 21 & Aug. 24). They are also releasing a new record in October. Be sure to go buy it! 

03 Sweet And Low by sticoftheweek

Were with the band. (Me and Tarra with Andy and Justin from Augustana)

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