Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gemini Club - Exclusive interview with Tom Gavin

By: kmsYES, entitled Paul
"Throw this on us" 

-Fan tells Gavin at show in Springfield, IL -referring to a can of PBR.

On a nearly perfect July evening in Chicago, I had a chance to sit down with lead singer of Gemini Club, Tom Gavin. We met at Chicago's trendy hot spot 33 Club for some beers, in the heart of Old Town, Chicago. 

To kick things off as we sip our beers, I asked how they came up with the band name? The name Gemini Club, Gavin responded was generated by idea from a friend (Andy) he said he always liked the name “Gemini Club” for a band name. After he said that, the name just stuck and so we have Gemini Club.

When asking Gavin about what surprised him about Chicago’s music scene. He explains how big it is he said, “ Everyone seems like they are in a band.” It’s very completive here. He explains it’s not as cutthroat as New York for example. He said it’s sort of hard to tell if you are gaining popularity. He does admit being recognized on the street a few times by fans. How can’t you with his sense of style?

Gavin has quite the unique style (pictured to the left) He walked into the interview with a classic vintage suit jacket, wafer sunglasses, a pink collared shirt with a tie, and classic white Chuck’s. He admits to finding the shirt on a trip down to St. Louis, and it was free. “They were just sitting on a fence, and they happened to fit him perfectly.” How he was dressed for the interview he admits that’s commonly how you will find him dressed. Suit jackets from vintage stores, and a tie. He says his sense of style stems from back in the day when he attended catholic school. He also shops at Brooks Brothers, Gilt.com and Chicago’s local trendy men’s boutique Haberdash located on Wells Street.

I of course asked when will the album be ready, Good news for Gemini Club fans, they expect to have an album out next year, 2011. Which isn’t bad for a band that is only a year old this month! Gavin explain he is doing “song-a-week.”

Be sure to check out these guys at Wicker Park Fest this weekend.

More information on the band:

"Does the beer spraying" image used above: By: kmsYES, entitled Paul

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