Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Seek & You Shall Find

I was strolling around my neighborhood the other day, enjoying my corner of West Town: Chicago and Noble. I went to La Farine Bakery for a sandwich and hot chocolate, checked out Dovetail's latest and spooky window display, and wandered toward Seek.

Seek is one of my favorite vintage stores in Chicago, both for the selection and the location. It is dangerously close to my apartment and I find myself popping over there for an unneeded clutch, or some other perfect vintage find. This trip however, was strictly to browse. To my delight, amongst the vintage, I found a funky, local, handmade jewelry line, Collection Pulls.

(my use of Instagram and InstaCollage does not do justice, but three cheers for smartphone apps)
Collection Pulls offers necklaces that mix natural materials such as teeth and polished stones with glass and unpolished metals. Check them out on tumblr & fb, and probably smoke signals.

That's the thing about wandering around your 'hood on a free afternoon. Sometimes you get to stumble upon some local treasure. I'll be hunting down the artist of Collection Pulls to find out more about the Chicago jewelry design scene and their line.

*I didn't escape Seek without buying a Gloria Vanderbilt belt.

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