Monday, October 15, 2012

Adi Hitchcock: Fashion’s Freshest Accessory

Stic interviews the NYC designer on launching her first abstract jewelry line.

The infatuation began when I attended a Hank & Cupcakes concert at the Subterranean in June. I noticed the Brooklyn duo wearing eccentric zipper necklaces that I could not resist. Their stage presence seemed complete with these vibrant pieces of jewelry. Who was behind this quirky design and what had inspired her to create such work of art?

The designer is Adi Hitchcock. I was so intrigued that I soon reached out to get a glimpse of her world and hear her magnificent story. Her line officially launched last week featuring intricate designs hand-made from literal zippers as well as timeless harmonica necklaces. In fact, the legendary Paul McCartney is seen wearing Adi’s “Blow” piece on the cover of Rolling Stone’s March issue. Other fans of her work include Sir Paul Smith, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Bar Rafaeli, and Marc Jacobs. When I spoke to Adi via phone, I immediately sensed her charisma and inspiration. It was refreshing to speak to a young, genuine designer who was finally exposing her artistic talent to the world. This line has been featured in Scoop NYC, Atrium, Shopbop, and Ibiza NYC. Read our interview and get to know this eclectic designer. Be sure to check out her whimsical jewelry online here!  

Stic-of-the-Week: Explain how you began this line. Where did it originate?
Adi Hitchcock: The line originated in New York but the ideas behind the jewelry originate back during my childhood in Jerusalem.

SOTW: How would you describe your jewelry? What kind of character can pull off your jewelry?
AH: I like to think that everybody can pull off something from my collection because my jewelry is practical and playful with a functional aspect to it. It is not just for beauty, but also for fun. I once sold a zipper chain to an upper east side seven year old. Paul McCartney displayed my harmonica piece on the cover of Rolling Stone three months ago. I had given pieces to Yoko, Sean, and the other living Beatles through mutual friends. The jewelry can definitely be pulled off in various settings. There is something for everyone.

SOTW: What were your biggest influences in creating unique zipper products and harmonica-themed jewelry?
AH: The zippers found me. I’m obsessed with them completely. As for the harmonica idea, I believe it is a dream to have a musical instrument constantly on you whether you play an instrument or not. It is a minimized piece of music that can be next to your heart. If you were on a deserted island, you might as well play some music. Everybody likes harmonicas. Whether it is little kids or older folks.

SOTW: Hank & Cupcakes are big supporters of your line and are models in your ad campaign. What is your connection to them?
AH: My girlfriend wore a gold zipper chain to a Hank & Cupcakes show. [Lead singer] Sagit saw it and loved it. She approached my girlfriend and my girlfriend gave her my information. And that’s how the love affair started.

SOTW: What is your favorite piece from your line?
AH: Every day I have a different favorite piece. I make them not knowing what exactly is going to come out. I love my hand-dyed zippers. They’re dyed to create a pastel/Van Gogh color scheme. Each individual zipper is a different color. It represents how we are all so similar yet we each have our own differences.

SOTW: What is your ultimate goal with your jewelry?
AH: One day my dream is for everyone to have their own personal zipper. Not just a zipper they find on their clothes or bags, but their very own zipper that they chose to buy. I want it to become a symbol of pop culture.

Check out this beautifully designed commercial for Blow by Adi Hitchcock [Directed by: Shelly Carmel & Rylee Jean Ebsen]

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