Monday, October 1, 2012

DeLuna Fest 2012 Final Post!

I've been referring to it as "an explosion onto the stage!" Fitz and the Tantrums killed it! Lead singers Michael "Fitz" Fitzpatrick and Noelle Scaggs owned that stage. Noelle: talent, beauty, style, and moves! Her voice with grab you by the chest and she literally commanded the crowd to start dancing, "I better see some booty shak'n up in here tonight!" Fitting due to the fact that she was dancing non-stop - poppin that tambourine like a champ! Fitz moves all over the stage - interacting with Noelle and even bashing on the drums and cymbals for peak moments. Also - sensual tension was intense between these two! While I'm sure showmanship comes into play - it's not easy to fake that kind of chemistry.

While so many of the acts were powerful, energetic, and/or cultured, for me, Fitz and the Tantrums was hands down the most all-out fun act of DeLuna Fest! I can't say enough how much I hope you get to see this crew live. It's by far my favorite experience of the weekend!

Now, I know that Stic-of-the-Week isn't exactly known for country music but The Zac Brown Band put on an impressive show regardless. Thats the thing about DeLuna Fest is we have such a wide variety of cultures that compile in this area that it's fun to change it up and see something you might not otherwise. For instance - I think Florence & the Machine is incredible! Her voice is ethereal and stunning but I might not have seen her without being at DeLuna! She skips across the stage in a flowy gown and (despite her self-proclaimed unemotional British upbringing) encouraged us to hug and kiss everyone around us. The show was both visually and musically stunning. She ended DeLuna on such a bittersweet note because it was so sad that it was over but man - I can't wait until next year!

Photo Credits: Thanh Nguyen and Elaina Rowland

Special thanks to Thanh Nguyen for taking such incredible photos. I also need to thank Maria Jose Florez and Elaina Rowland for allowing us to use some of their pictures too. You guys are the best! Check out the Stic-of-the-Week Facebook for a full album of phenomenal shots!

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