Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lollapalooza 2012: Friday Wrap-Up

I woke Friday morning ("morning" here referring to around 11 AM) to a bright, hot day. For some reason, I showered, but my shower was rendered completely useless the moment I stepped outside and started sweating. I knew I was in for a hot one at Lollapalooza.
Lolla. The word rolls off of the tongue like candy. It's a music-lover's dreamland, and until Friday, I'd never been. Now, here I was, poised on the brink of it, with a media pass, no less. It was the stuff of legend.

Though I never took into account the fact that I'd be sweating the whole time. When I arrived at the Sony stage to see Yellow Ostrich, I was already a hot mess, especially since I'd forgotten a hair tie. Long hair + hot sun = lots of sweat. Nevertheless, I enjoyed Yellow Ostrich, despite frontman Alex Shaaf's nervousness or hesitance. Their set at the Empty Bottle earlier this year was much better. Maybe it was a combination of the heat and it being daylight and the pressure of it being Lollapalooza that caused Shaaf to fumble some lyrics and hold back a bit. I also think the guitar was too quiet. Nevertheless, I sang along and danced because I love them and have had Strange Land on repeat in my car for months. They'll do better next time; I have faith. Also, in the middle of the set, the band stopped so a man could come out and propose to his girlfriend. She said yes, and the whole crowd cheered. What a magical start to the weekend!

Thank goodness for the shade of the media tent. After Yellow Ostrich, I retreated there to drink boxes of water and listen to Dr. Dog from the comfort of a plastic chair. As I listened, I mentally prepared myself for Stic of the Week's interview with Adam Wakeman, the touring keyboardist for Black Sabbath. Yes, you heard me (and you can listen to the interview below). It was quite the adventure to meet up with Adam and be escorted back to the "Black Sabbath Compound." That is what the sign called it.
Once in the "Compound," we sat in some lovely air-conditioning and had a chat with Adam, who is a really sweet guy.

Later, I wandered on over to see The Afghan Whigs, who I didn't particularly enjoy. After downing a cheeseburger, I sat in the shade and listened to The Head and the Heart from afar, which was lovely, and relaxing. I think I stopped sweating for a few minutes. Then I got back up to check out The Shins for a few songs.
But I really wanted to be in front for M83, so I parked myself at the Sony stage an hour before their set and waited. And sweated. And waited. But it was worth it; the moment the band emerged from the fog and light onstage, the crowd turned into a sweaty dance party. I LOVE sweaty dance parties. And M83 just knows how to put on a show. Jordan Lawlor peacocked all over the stage in a black-and-white shirt, at one point standing on the bass drums and getting the audience to clap with him. M83 has such a tremendous presence, mostly due to the  fact that each member has their own huge presence already. The combination is electrifying. People kept trying to crowd surf, though, and it was crappy. Keep your drunk bodies off of my head, please.
I stuck around for a little of the Black Keys but was pretty wiped out by that point. Guess I'm too old for all of this festival business. I went home to sleep and do it all again Saturday.

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