Monday, July 23, 2012

What You Should be doing Tuesday Night

It takes some unique individuals with passion and good humor to make an impact in the music world. Enter Kenny Alden, front man for Magic Milk. After starting as the sole member and walking through a seemingly revolving door of band mates, it would seem as though Magic Milk has finally found some solidity in its members. With some friend making via Craig's List, Alden's trio has made their name as a solid contender in the garage rock scene in Chicago.  However if you ask him he'll tell you that their music is more “cellphone-knife-fight-psych-punk” that will hopefully, maybe just one day, get them noticed by Metallica, Alden says.  

Their numerous EPs have given them a solid foundation to progress into the larger scene of alternative music and they are currently working on a second album. Their most recent EP, Mellows, features a more well rounded collection of their sound than previous EPs, suggesting that this band will not solely belong to Chicago for too much longer. Check out their music via bandcamp, facebook or at their website by clicking here.

Their next show this Tuesday at the Subterranean  features not only Magic Milk, but also a variety of Chicago including Slushy, Dead Mellotron, The Bingers and more. It's set to be a rad night and for $8 , you can't really lose. Between Alden's encouraging antics of performing sans pants and the band's killer drums, courtesy of Maggie Laleman, every Magic Milk show offers a night of unapologetic fun that gets their audience out of their seats and on the floor. Pants off and party on.  

Magic Milk's Bandcamp can be accessed here:

Tickets for the Sub-T show, Tuesday July 24 can be bought at the door OR here!

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