Monday, July 23, 2012

The Coffee Date turns Drink Date

The Coffee date turns Drink date

The Coffee date turns Drink date by sticoftheweek featuring skull jewelry

First off, I would like to start saying I'm not expert of dating, but I do feel you should express yourself on your first date. My recently turn too jewelry choice is my skull ring, I get guys commenting on it all the time, aka, great convo starter. I'm not saying you should get a skull ring, but find something that is unique and different, weather its a necklace or ring. As for clothing wear something with color, its fun and makes you stand out in the crowd. I don't know about you ladies, but I feel like my "coffee dates" always turn into lets get a drink instead?! Or from the coffee shop we go onto getting a drink. It might be just because I work in the music industry or is this a norm? I can't really be sure, but you want to be dressed for whatever the night might bring ahead, this means to be no high heels, because you don't want to have your feet start hurting, you want to be able to focus on the date. My new go to is statement lipstick, my friend who works for Smashbox got me turned onto their bright pink lip stick, it really just brightens your face up. Go get him! 

Joie top

T shirt

Obey shirt
$75 -

Reef short shorts
$165 -

SOLD Design Lab skinny jeans
$125 -

Pleated skirt

Mulberry oxford shoes

Wallis sandals

Flat sandals
$52 -

Quilted handbag

Skull jewelry
$10 -

Smashbox lip stick

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