Friday, May 4, 2012

Spiritualized at the Metro

Of the opening act, Nikki Lane: No matter how cutesy you act or how Zooey Deschanel your hair is, it is absolutely inexcusable and unprofessional to stop in the middle of the song because you "can't remember the next chord." Be prepared or don't perform.

I went with my friend Stan to see the "English space rock" group Spiritualized on Thursday night at the Metro (thanks for the ticket, Stan!). Formed in 1990, the band's lineup has had a shifting cast, with Jason Pierce (aka J. Spaceman) as the only consistent member.

He's not a talkative guy. With his shaggy hair and dark glasses, Spaceman stood with his side to the audience, facing guitarist Tony Foster. I think the only words he spoke the whole night were "Thank you," at the very end.

It makes sense, though. The long concert (two hours of Spiritualized) was a huge, drifting soundscape. A lot of talk between songs would have ruined the effect. Spaceman's songs are not radio-friendly, to say the least. They build slowly and reaching dizzying heights, and then spiral into chaotic, repetitive endings. I haven't experienced many concerts like it.

Listen to "Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space" below.

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