Saturday, May 19, 2012

Environmental Encroachment at Martyrs'

 Photos by Medium Gallery (aka my friend Stanislav)

Last night I experienced the joy of Environmental Encroachment (hereafter referred to as EE). EE is a "Magic Circus Band," and their show was a release party for their new album, Bunny XII.
What does "Magic Circus Band" mean, you ask?
Well, they had:
1. Jugglers
2. 20ish people onstage and marching through the audience
3. A man handing out flowers (thank you, man!)
4. Trumpets, trombones, sousaphones, flutes, drums...
5. Ridiculous costumes (see above for a glimpse)
and various other circus-y things.
I danced a bunch.

Buy their CD, but I think this is a band you gotta see live, and do the limbo with.

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