Thursday, May 3, 2012

Band Profile - Dolphins

Dolphins aptly describe themselves as "tropical."
Their music brings to mind palm trees, fruity drinks, and laying in the sunshine. Shuffling drumbeats, airy synth lines, trippy vocals -  these Wicker Park guys have it all.
As we approach summer, it's VERY IMPORTANT to compile a fat selection of Summer Music, for listening to in the car, or on a picnic, or at the beach, or while you are trying not to die of heat exhaustion in your apartment because you can't afford air conditioning so instead you are naked and lying approximately .02 cm from your shitty box fan.
In case you don't have time, I've begun to compile some for you and will soon release a big mix of SUMMER MUSIC for your lazy listening pleasure. In fact, it will probably be two separate playlists: Pumped-Up Summer (Foster the People reference) and Lazy Summer.
Dolphins will go on the latter list, as their music is Relaxing.
Enjoy. Dream of 90 degrees and teeny bikinis and/or Speedos. 

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