Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Welcome - Honey, Honey

Chicago band The Welcome recently released their 5-song EP, which is available for streaming and purchasing at their bandcamp.
They'e got a rock-y thing going on, with some sweet woman vocals and man vocals (the guy's voice vaguely reminds me of Ben Gibbard's at times). And they also have some catchy-ness going on. The whole EP sounds really tight, and I definitely get the sense that they know what their sound is. I think this is good summer music, especially if you enjoy something a bit more jarring, or if you like Matt & Kim + Ben Gibbardish + Stars. Which, you know, you should.

Check out their show at the Beat Kitchen on May 10th.
And they're playing at Reggie's on May 25th, along with Cold Country, the band I'm in! Just realized that. I love coincidence.

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