Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Cave Singers at Schubas

This was a week ago, but I'm still in the land of dead laptop here, so cut me a break, people.

The Cave Singers played at Schubas last Sunday night and they looked like this:
Hazy, red, and partially obscured by someone's head. 

I had my foot tapping the whole time. I was, however, not nearly as Into It as some of the people there.
An Open Letter to Dude-Bros at Concerts:
If you are thinking of standing in front of me, don't. Since I'm about 5'4", you are generally taller than me, and I'm always afraid you'll fist-pump into my face. Also, your backwards-facing baseball cap is DISTRACTING. I will glare at you the whole time and you will feel my gaze burning a tattoo into your thick, polo-collar-encircled neck.
Another tip: we all know the name of the band. We are here to see them. Therefore, you don't have to yell their name out after every song. Thanks for trying to help, though.

Despite Dude-Bros and the fact that it was approximately 163548563 degrees inside the venue, my pal Jordan and I had a fun time dancing around to The Cave Singers (who were very nice people! Thanks for the vinyl!). Check out their latest album, "No Witch."

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