Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Workout Mix

I'm sure a lot of you have the New Year's resolution to loose weight, hit the gym more, eat healthy, and all. It's much easier said then done. How about some great music to power you up and take your mind off things? Vital Juice has come out with a new mix (thanks Amanda for sending it over to me). Keep in mind, its all about consistency. Try to mix it up as well, don't just run on the treadmill every day. Mix it up! Go running three days a week, then do yoga once, and maybe do some pilates and kickboxing. Most these things you can get a workout tape and do it in your living room too. I've even been going to this site myfreeyoga.com, who doesn't like free?
FAGE Yogurt, Blackberries, and Flaxseed granola

Then eat healthy! No more frozen meals folks! They are loaded with sodium! Instead make a large portion such as soup or chicken and freeze it. This way you know whats going in your body and it's no mystery.

Josh Madden's New Year Playlist by VitalJuice

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