Sunday, January 2, 2011

A slice of paradise

Looking at these pictures you would never think they were taken in Florida, it looks more like a island in the Caribbean. It's a place called Pine Island, and is a hop skip and jump from Fort Myers. Islands more well known near it Pine Island, are Sanabel and Captiva Islands. Pine Island is one of the only places in Florida, that still has that "Old Florida" feel. You can't help but drive onto the island and feel all your worries be gone. Pine Island doesn't have the influx of tourist most of Florida has, because it has no beaches, and no high rises are aloud. The have a ferry called Tropic Star on the island which you can take for either a day trip or a over night trip to Cabbage Key and Cayo Costa Island. Cabbage Key is most well known as the island where Jimmy Buffet wrote the song "Cheese Burger in Paradise." Cayo Costa island you can stay over night and camp on the island, they also have small lodges which you can stay at as well.

Where to stay, Two Fish Inn has an actual hotel, then they also help rent out homes on the water. I would say, try and go for a rental house, since a lot of them have pools and then you have a full kitchen. 

Do you like fishing? Well Pine Island is known for great fishing. They have various different charters you can take. They also have great kayaking which you can rent them at several different place on the island.

What to do at night? Well it wouldn't be Stic, if we didn't bring up music, Bert's Bar has great music from local artist.

Who doesn't need a island getaway?!

Go fish!?!

Special thanks to my good friend Bryant, for going around with me while taking pictures, you are the best!

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