Saturday, November 6, 2010

Greg Laswell - "His voice is soothing, like waves crashing against a seawall"

On Wednesday I went out to see musician Greg Laswell on a rather moderate Chicago night, but you could sense the cool Chicago air soon to be sweeping in. Greg not only a talented musician, but also a rather sarcastic, humorous, down to earth guy. Which you could sense the dynamic between the rather humorous band mates who opened for him. By announcing mid-set that “hope you all like us, because we are also Greg’s band.” The crowd was a rather quite to say the least for Lincoln Hall Wednesday night, which Greg pointed so graciously out. By the end of the night you did hear a few drunken “I love you Greg.” His dynamic and compelling music has a way of capturing you. His voice is soothing, like waves crashing against a seawall.  You can’t help but be memorized, and drift away in a dream world. On his “Take a Bow,” album the “Around The Bend” song has to be my favorite, its inspiring, and by the end it leaves you with a smirk like grin. 

Check out more information on Greg Laswell here

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