Saturday, November 6, 2010

Derek Nelson & The Musicians NEW album "Riders of the Tide"

This past February I found a talented musician dwelling right here in Chicago.  His name is Derek Nelson; he is a young and energetic ball of energy. I was delighted to stumble across his MySpace page and quickly went to his Facebook and wrote him a message, begging him to contact me right away. I knew his music was going to capture Chicago, just like it immediately captured my attention. I was delighted to hear right back from Derek with-in hours of my message. I found out he was going to be playing at Lincoln Hall shortly after I sent him that message. I was so excited to meet him and hear him live.  I sent him over questions to answer, so the world could get to know him better. (Go here to see past write-up and Q&A)

After not speaking to him for several months, I reached out to Derek about a month ago to DJ at my first ever Stic-of-the-Week party (Go here to see party pictures), he replied back excited and ready to do whatever I asked of him. By this time, he was going to be releasing an EP and played at a major Chicago event called Taste of Chicago. This week, I was the first press person to receive his not even released EP “Riders of the Tide.” Which officially releases this Thursday November 11th, at Schubas. When he sent me the link to download his EP, I got home and just had to download it right away, I couldn’t wait to hear what was in store for me and the rest of Chicago on Thursday night. The first song is “Come and Wait,” after the first five or so seconds, I knew something wonderful was in store.  It was amazing how his voice and sound completely evolved.  His voice had a sense of confidence and determination that you didn’t hear in his album “Something Obscure.”  He even completely reworked the song “The Way You See Me,” from start to finish. The song had an entirely new feel, it had build up, sort of like in a scary movie, when they build up a scene to terrify its audience, but not in a terrifying way, you just sit there translating the song in your head. My favorite song on the new album would have to be “Backwater Town,” which you can actually hear on his MySpace page currently.
To hear the full album, come join Stic on Thursday night at Schubas, and hear and buy Derek’s new album. See you there! 

Pictures from CD Release show below, and go here to see full collection.

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