Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Stic Exclusive Interview at Lollapalooza with The Constellations - Elijah Jones, Alaina Terry and Shabnam Bashiri

Wes and Elijah
Alaina and Shab

Q: Stic: Who is Felicia? This song is totally going to be a hit by the way! 

Elijah: All the girls
Alaina & Shab: <"laughs">
Stic: Is she symbolic to your love life?
Elijah: It’s basically about sexual power...            

Q: Stic: What was it like touring with Hockey? That's when I first heard you perform at Lincoln Hall. 

Elijah, Alaina, and Shab: It was our favorite tour, we loved it! We saw them last night and we told them they ruined tours for us because they had so much fun touring with them!  They are just really nice guys. Those guys were amazing.

Stic: You have been on tour a long time? I saw you back in March.

Elijah, Alaina, and Shab: Yep, it’s quite the long journey!

Q: Stic: The song “Step Right Up” reminds me of a circus, and clowns, its very different from other songs on you album, and then it gets up beat. What’s the symbolism behind the song?

Elijah: It’s very much about a circus, and the late night partying and onto the after hours. It’s very much a circus thing…

Alaina & Elijah: It’s originally a Tom Waits song; originally the idea was to cover the song. Then it turned into a complete remake of the song.

Stic: It sort of reminds me of the movie “It” or “The Shinning”

Elijah: It's not that scary? Is it? 

Laughs all around...

Q:Stic: You are here at Lollapalooza!! Whohoo!!  After months of touring you are here! I was reading something written a while ago, saying no one knew who you were back when you were playing in Atlanta, and now you are at one of the largest music festivals, what’s this like for you all?

Stic: Is this surreal for you all?

Elijah: Yes it really is! I have always wanted to come here! Never had the money and means to do it. Now I'm hear, and playing at it! 

Alaina: This is for sure the highlight of the tour!

Elijah: AND we can't wait to see The Strokes later!!

Stic: Yes! Agreed!!

Q: Stic: Has your music been on any TV shows yet?

Elijah, Alaina, and Shab: “Vampire Diaries,” “Royal Pains.”

Elijah: I haven’t seen Royal Pains yet though...I want to though.

Q:Stic: What’s your sense of style?

A: Elijah: Vintage, lots of vintage shopping!!! A place in Atlanta called Value Village, every last Wednesday it’s half off!! She (Alaina) finds like 12 dress for $14.

Clothing Warehouse in Atlanta is really dope, Stefan’s, and just all vintage shops.

Stic: You have to go vintage shopping out in Wicker Park!

Elijah, Alaina, and Shab: We won’t have time, but we will be back in September!! (Stic note: September 17 at Double Door with Electric Six)

Alaina & Shab: We stick on the cheaper side, Forever 21

Stic: I was going to say your sunglasses look like they are from Forever 21.

Elijah: While yes they are, a fan randomly gave them to me. Photographed in picture above)

Stic: Thanks for you time, good luck at your show today! 

Good byes all around!

For more information on The Constellations go here:

"Set Back" music video

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