Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Soil & The Sun AND Timbre -live from Virginia

Picture take by: Ben Pearson -Timbre

Hello Stic world!  I’m sending a review from my new home in Virginia. A friend and I decided to go to a bar near my place and check out the bands playing that night. It’s a good thing because as soon as I walked in, everything slowed down starting with the incredible sound that washed over us. Hipsters were all over the place, rolling their heads and sipping on PBR’s. Seeing that made me realize I’d picked the right place to go for the evening. The first band’s name is The Soil & The Sun and they provided quite the musical experience, which I’d been hoping to find in this new town. The band markets themselves as a folk band, but also healing and easy listening. I found this odd; yet fitting, since I immediately felt at ease when I heard them. Their music is dreamlike and comfortable. Think of a slowed down Modest Mouse (The Moon and Antarctica) without any of the harshness. Remarkably, these guys were just the openers! Their last song, There Is No Death, was my favorite. I stood there figuring the following band would be a letdown in comparison to them, was I wrong?

The next band went on stage and it turns out half of them are in the next band too so I was in luck! Timbre is named of the second band, after Timbre Cierpke, their lead singer and harpist…yes, you heard me right, harpist! It was this huge instrument like a relic on display for the crowd. The harp was the perfect compliment to the Timbre’s truly angelic voice. The band has an incredible chemistry together. There are so many components to their sound that it reminds me of the Inception movie, which is currently in theaters. I’ve watched it several times and notice something new each time. Most of the songs were off their new album Little Flowers. Soft but poignant sounds that you will surely appreciate. It’s elegant, somber, and just beautiful. 

Do something nice for yourself today (you deserve it) and check out their music – links are below:

Contributed by:
Bryant Chase (JMU, Graduate Student)

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  1. Both chill bands! I'll have to check them out!



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