Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Band: Ecole Du Ciel

Hailing from South Italy, but signed to Chicago-based label Already Dead Tape and Records, Ecole Du Ciel released their latest EP, Heartbeat War Drum, on October 15th. 

It’s a pretty intense affair, the band describing themselves as Emo post rock punk, but really it’s a little bit of an injustice when you hear their sound. Their style is very much akin to one of the latest musical crazes sweeping the US and UK, that of Math-Pop (intricate guitar parts married with intense vocals). This is evident on the track, “Wheelboat”, which comes at the midpoint of the album and provides a nice contrast between the heavier tracks that bear more than a little resemblance to some of the earlier shoe-gazing bands of the 90s. 

By: Claire Williams

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