Tuesday, September 3, 2013

North Coast Redux

Woo! Summer's last stand has come and gone and it is finally starting to feel like fall in our fair city! This year NCMF brought the party to Union Park with larger crowds than ever before...due to which my cell service was pretty terrible and therefore my live-tweets were not so live. Regardless, this year React Presents did an amazing job with North Coast and this is what we at Stic-of-the-Week thought!

Paper Diamond Friday Night
Friday: SOTW got a late start to the day, not heading over to Union Park 'til about 5 only to find out the park was being evacuated. However, festival officials did a great job of keeping festival goers updated through their live tweets. When I finally did make it to the festival I made sure to check out Paper Diamond and Passion Pit. While Paper Diamond pumped up the crowd, Passion Pit delivered a lackluster DJ set that seemed to be more of a standard club soundtrack rather than anything creative or unique. 

Saturday: After being disappointed by the way that Friday night ended I was eager to see how Saturday would go. Saturday I ended up wandering most of the day, checking out new acts that I hadn't ever heard before and the day was well spent, however, nothing truly extraordinary stood out to me.
Purity Ring Sunday Night

Sunday: All I have to say is Purity Ring. Purity Ring, people. The duo knocked it out of the park. I also made it to Rebolution and Lotus, but out of everyone I managed to see at this year's NCMF it was definitely Purity Ring that killed it. 

Overall, NCMF delivered this year to its fans and now the countdown begins 'til next summer! What were your favorite acts this year?!

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