Saturday, July 27, 2013

Get Lolla Ready!

Figure we would enlighten you all on steps we take in getting ready for this amazing weekend, that's called Lollapalooza

  1. Rest up the days before, save you energy Monday -Wednesday, stay home, and eat healthy.
  2. Go on and RSVP for all the amazing pre/post Lolla parties.
  3. Download the Lolla App, and set up your schedule. 
  4. Come up with a meeting location with friends, we all know after 5, our phones stop working. 
  5. Eat and go to the bathroom before you leave. No one likes getting to the festival and having to wait in line for these things.
  6. Look into day parties, last year Paris Club had an amazing one that Rolling Stone put on, its a great way to start the day in some AC and fuel up. JBTV will have some stuff going on this year, stay tuned and go on to RSVP.
  7. Water is key, no drinking during the day in the hot sun, wait till the sun goes down. 
  8. Plan out what you are going to wear, and check the weather to see if you will need rain boots. 
  9. EAR PLUGS, protect your ears! 
  10. Put sunscreen on before you leave the house, and bring a travel size to reapply. 
  11. Females, we all know you want to look good, but avoid putting on tons of makeup, you end up just looking like a melted popsicle by the end. 
  12. Bring a snack, like a granola bar or some almonds.

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