Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Northside Music Festival Review

Described as dark and dreamy, singer/songwriter Angelica Marie and her band, My Midnight Heart were the first to perform on Sunday at Northside Music Fest. This Avant pop band lit up the stage and the crowd with their ambient performance, really setting up the feel good ethereal mood that radiated through out the rest of the day.
Make sure to listen to their soundcloud and check out their hit S O L A C E.

Second on the line up was the duo known as Cable. This band combines style, art, rock-n-roll, and pop in order to create their unique sound. Tracy Antonopoulos, the band's vocalist controlled the stage and the crowd with her magical voice. Guitarist Ben Morsberger controlled the instrumentals and together they left us wanting more.

Closing the fest out was the one and only Solange Knowels, sister of Beyonce Knowles. Releasing her first full album earlier this year called True, her performance included most of these songs. You can see Solange again this year at Pitchfork in Chicago. Her performance was upbeat, interactive, and energetic. At one point she danced on top of the festival speakers, sang one of her ballots along side a crowd member, and even brought her son up on stage in celebration of Father's Day. 

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