Friday, May 10, 2013

10 Key things to Pack on a Warm Weather Vacation - What's in my suite case?!

Viva La Mexico

Oasis classic black dress, $105 / Chiffon summer dress, $31 / Velvet striped long sleeve tee / Wildfox Couture tall tee, $115 / Joie top / Topshop bandeau swimwear / Topshop denim short shorts / Denim short shorts / Reiss strappy shoes / Splendid block shoes / TOMS navy shoes / Havaianas rubber flip flops / Joie plastic tote bag / J.Crew army sunglasses / Ray-Ban ray ban optical / Yves Saint Laurent yves saint laurent / NARS Cosmetics lip gloss / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics beauty product / Bumble and Bumble / Essie nailpolish / Beauty product

Here is a sneak peak of what I'm bringing on my trip. This time next week, I'll be in Mexico. I always find it hard to pack for vacation, but once I get there, I end up wearing half what I packed and I've learned when traveling, I barley wear makeup and live in comfy clothes. 

1. Dresses are always key for warm weather travel, since they can be dressed up and down. 

2. Leave the heels at home. First of all they take up tons of space and you never really end up wearing them. Flip flops and a closed toe shoe. Whether you opp for sneakers or Toms, a closed toe shoe is always good for the bike ride or long walk. 

3. Sunglasses!! Ahhh sunnies, you have to pack at least two pairs assuming they will barley leave your face, and are a key fashion accessory. 

4. Bring nail polish to touch up.

5. Sunscreen, resorts always will get you on this, load up!

6. Multi functional bag, a bag you can use as a carry on and a beach bag. After all less is more. 

7. At least 2 swim suits, lets me honestly, you will probably be in it more then a bra and underwear, so you might as well bring a couple. 

8. Shorts, gotta  have shorts for those adventure hikes and zip linning. 

9. MUSIC, fill up that iPod with tunes! I personally like downloading albums I haven't had a chance to listen to yet. 

10. ADVIL/Airborn, ummm lets face it, you will need the advil, and who wants to get sick, on vaca, so load up on Airborn to boost your immune system.  

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