Monday, April 1, 2013

An Interview with Gold Cult

Gold Cult is a fresh new sound on the Chicago scene. Though they've only played a few shows, they've hit the ground running and are beginning to make a name for themselves as a Chicago band.

The 5-piece just released their first EP, Been Still. The name speaks to the time in bandleader Blaine Welsh's life when he wrote most of the songs. He'd traveled back to his hometown and felt stagnant. "I felt like I was just still," he said.

The dream-pop EP can be categorized with the likes of Beach House.

As far as the band name, Blaine said that he thinks of it as a commentary on society and consumerism.
He sees the band as having a 60s influence, but said that each musician draws from vastly different sources of inspiration.
"We all have significantly different influences as a band," Blaine said. "I really like it a lot." The various members love everyone from The Who to Wilco to Grizzly Bear.

Gold Cult has a Daytrotter session scheduled for May 24, and they hope to tour to New York and back during the summer. Checkthem out this Thursday, April 4, at Schubas. They'll be opening for Sean Nicholas Savage and Doldrums.

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