Saturday, March 16, 2013

An Interview with Greater Alexander

"My songs aren't forced," Alexander Vlachos said. "They just kind of come to me like moments of wind passing."
Listen to any track on Greater Alexander's Bandcamp, and you'll understand what he means. His debut, Positive Love, vibrates with gentle guitar picking, piano, and quiet falsetto. 
There's so much good music coming out of Michigan right now. Maybe there's something in the water, and I'm all for it.

Alexander's music has been a process that's taken over a decade. He said he's always had a lot of songs and dreams, but he wasn't always pursuing a career in music. Though he went to college for recording and international studies, he'd had over 30 different jobs. Nothing felt quite right.

By chance, Alexander became friends with another musician and showed some of his songs to him. His friend became upset that Alexander had about 40 songs that he wasn't sharing.
"You're sitting on this splendid music," he said. "Why aren't you giving it to the world?"
So Alexander decided to share it.

We're treated to his debut release thanks, in part, to Kickstarter.
"I'm just so thankful that I figured out Kickstarter," he said. "I'm just extremely thankful for all that's happened so far."

Listen below.

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