Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's Cold Outside, Young Empires 'Heatwave'

It's Cold Outside

It's Cold Outside by sticoftheweek featuring an owl shirt

It's finally cold in Chicago this week, this doesn't mean you still can't look good?! Living in Chicago most my life, I'm the first one to admit, its not always easy dressing in Chicago's frigid winters. The first thing you need to invest in is a warm winter coat! I went many years having a buffy coat, and I just had enough of it, I nearly wanted to burn it. I finally found a jacket warm and that isn't a buffy coat, it has made all the difference on how I feel walking around the streets of Wicker Park. Don't forget sunnies, its a bright one today! 

Tuesday Tunes: Young Empires
Keep it toast listening to Heatwave Mixtape.

Wallis owl shirt

Hooded coat

Meredith Wendell leather bag

Burberry glove

Brown shawl
$190 - black.co.uk

Hand knit hat
$125 - youheshe.com

Vintage sunglasses

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