Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I recently sat down for coffee with Chicago do-it-yourselfers Nick Scalise and Greg Shanahan.
Together, they form the music duo Bestfriends.
The two have known each other since they were three, but have been together in their current incarnation for less than a year.
"We self-produce everything," they said, meaning that they mix, master, and produce all their music. Even their videos were shot and edited by them.
"This is what makes us happy," Shanahan said. He said that if they couldn't have the reins, they probably wouldn't do it at all. "Being able to be in charge of your own destiny a little bit feels good."

So far, destiny seems to be smiling upon Bestfriends. Though they're relatively new, they have the good fortune to have found a good manager and booker (Red Light Management and Windish Agency, respectively).
Over the summer they played at various festivals, including Wicker Park Fest and West Fest. They just played at CMJ in New York and are hoping to play at SXSW.
The two named everyone from Blink 182 to Madonna as their musical influences, saying that they just sort of do whatever they want.
"If you think we sound like something, you're probably right," said Shanahan, adding that their next release is a little more R&B-influenced.

Listen to their tunes below. They'll be playing at Reggie's on February 2nd.

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