Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Live Review: The Babies and Village

Sure, you probably started listening to The Babies new album the day of their show. And yeah, you kept it going on repeat for hours so people thought you were the real deal at the band’s first Chicago set. And okay, you had a few shots of Malört beforehand and things were going pretty well by the time Village was on stage. But let’s be clear — the night was loud and fast and The Babies played just about everything you would have wanted to hear and the room was full of punk energy but no one was obnoxious or smashing stuff.
Guests might call the whole thing enchanting and intimate. Everyone was sort of making sonic love with one another. Also, the lead singer of Village might have been a little drunk or high but c’mon, it was the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Or maybe he was just pumped on life. Opening for The Babies could do that to you.
Every now and then Cassie Ramone would start smiling or giggling to herself, but then she would drape hair over her face, focus twice as hard and churn out more noise. The kids would do some damage at a basement show. Serious damage. Beat up drywall everywhere. Eventually the folks at PBR would hear about the imaginary basement show and bring over free talls boys. That’s what seeing The Babies at Schubas felt like — drinking a bunch of free Pabst. It was blue ribbon stuff.
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by Stanislav, founder of Medium Gallery.

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