Thursday, October 25, 2012

Painted Pretty Scary

This Halloween, think outside of the party store or thrift shop. Instead of spending money on a cheap costume, spend time on a beautifully painted face. A few ideas below, with linked tutorials;

Don't be intimidated - just keep it simple. The most important features are the eyes, the nose and mouth. Do these in black on top of white face and then add color and details from there. Sequins and flashy false eyelashes are the quickest and laziest way to a beautiful sugar skull painted face. Add a large fake flower to your hair and wear all black - you'll be good to go. 

 Once again, don't be intimidated, keep it simple. Focus on the dots - use a pencil eraser and cream blush or lipstick and try to keep the dots in a grid. Next, add cat-eye shadow (bright blue is best, but whatever's on hand works) and some serious liquid black eyeliner. Don't forget very thick false eyelashes. Finally, redred lips with black eyeliner. Wah-la, Lichtenstein Woman. The rest of the details like tears, a glare on the lip or heavy brows are fabulously optional. For your hair, you can wear a 1960's style wig or DIY flip paired with Betty Draper duds. Or really, just wear your favorite Friday Night outfit. 

Definitely the easiest, laziest and cheapest "costume." Take some red lipstick, some red nail polish (it will chip like real blood) and paint bite marks on your neck. That's it - you can wear whatever the heck you want since everyone knows vampires don't choose their victims according to trends. If you want to take it further, maybe skip the blush and and apply some grey eyeshadow under your eyes. Ya know, since you've been drained of a lot of your blood by a handsome man in a cape. 

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