Sunday, September 30, 2012

DeLuna D2!

Deluna day 2 had a more eclectic blend of artists. Not knowing where to begin, I just kinda wandered around. Such good luck because I came across up and coming Pensacola-area band, The Real Hooks. I didn’t know much about them and was stoked when I ran into 2/3 of them later in the day for an interview - Raleigh was at a her high school band competition – HA! Can't wait to see more of them - it's inevitable!

Another band that took me by surprise was Saints of Valory. I didn’t know about them at first but they pulled me – along with a bunch of others – in. I was constantly overhearing people say, “Hey, did you hear those Saints of Valory guys!? They were really good!” This convo was taking place between concert goers, vendors, and even in the media lounge!

The Joy Formidable. They’re doing it right. Ritzy Bryan (lead vocals, guitar) is a firecracker. She was like a jolt of caffeine and can seriously shred on the guitar! Check out her muscles in the pics! Those arms don’t come from a gym routine! This was only their 2nd show on a beach (the BEST beach at that!) and they killed it. Definitely one to watch right here!

Next up was Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. Joan was celebrating her 54th birthday this day and I’m sure her gift was looking at the crowd and thinking – I’m more badass than kids ½ my age! Band of Horses toned it down with really chill initial songs though they escalated into a true festivus. Got everyone in the mood to have, as our one friend so eloquently stated, their “Foo-ginity taken!”

Are you serious Foo Fighters? Way to put on a show! Memories of these guys popping Mentos in cheesy videos were distant memories from the show they put on at DeLuna. Ending their 18 month tour, they really showed the world why they’re such legends. Following Foo Fighters with Paper Diamond  was hilarious because that’s when people started to really get weird – LED hoola hoops, horse face masks, the little mermaid, and Poseidon just to name a few. Great end to #delunafest2012 day 2 – just ask the kids on stage at Diplo’s show!

Photo Credits: Thanh Nguyen and Maria Jose Florez

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