Monday, August 27, 2012

The Gaslight Anthem at Lollapalooza

Lost in Concert did an amazing interview with The Gaslight Anthem while they were at Lollapalooza.
You can read the interview in full here, or an excerpt below.

The band recently released their new album, Handwritten, which has generated an enthusiastic buzz that is deeply exciting the band’s long-time fans and also attracting new followers. “I don’t think this record is any more exciting than the other records we’ve done,” says Horowitz. “The build-up before every record we have, I always have this crazy anticipation to let people hear it because I think it’s good. But the reaction we’ve had during this week since the record’s come out, and a lot of the stuff that’s happening – we’re all like, ‘something’s happening for this record that maybe hasn’t happened before.’ Maybe it’s the mixture of the timing and the record and the new people behind it and stuff like that. Something’s different but I don’t know if it’s happened long enough to really know what the fuck is going on yet.”

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