Friday, August 10, 2012

Invasion of the Royal Teeth

Photo Credit: Rahav Segev

Have you listened to Royal Teeth yet? Last month Stic-of-the-Week had the amazing opportunity to meet these wonderful people and hear them rock out the Subterranean. Well, lucky for all of us they're back and ready for more - playing Lolla after shows aplenty. If their insane musical appeal isn't enough, singer and tambourine player, Nora Patterson has a stage presence and style that is wicked. Stic of the Week had the chance to talk style both on and off stage with Nora, so if you're lookin' to look like you rock an audience I suggest you take some notes. This girl's got it down to the bandanas.

SOTW: Where do you draw your style from? Who or what influences your personal style?  
N.P: I’ve never really had any specific influence. I just kind of draw from different images I see, whether it be a color palette or outfit I really like, I’ll try to incorporate that into my wardrobe somehow. If something catches my eye and I can afford it, I’ll get it. Versatility also plays a big part in my wardrobe.

SOTW: What is the difference between your personal style and your style while on stage?

N.P: My stage style is a bit more interesting than my personal style. When I’m getting ready for a show, I try to wear pieces with more detailed fabrics, colors and cuts. I also accessorize more when I’m playing a show because I normally don’t wear too much jewelry. For my personal style, I keep it simple and casual. Skinny jeans, a tank top and flats are basically my touring uniform.

SOTW: Does the location of a show influence your style whatsoever?
N.P: Unless the weather is a factor, I try to be pretty consistent with my style on stage. I try to think of every show as an important opportunity for the band, especially when we are playing somewhere we have never been before. There are always new people in the audience, so I try to make a good first impression each time. 

SOTW: How does image and style play into the "Royal Teeth" performance?
N.P: We think it’s beneficial for our performance when we look like a cohesive group, so we all dress pretty similar, stylistically speaking. We don’t color coordinate or anything like that, but we will all try to look our best (except when our guitar player chooses to wear his favorite Angola Prison t-shirt). Our shows are fun and light-hearted and we all move around a lot so whatever works for that night, we’ll go with it. 

Zach Breaux Photography
SOTW: What is the one style item that you cannot live without and why?
N.P: I have a vintage bandana that I stole from my mom that has a great multi colored chevron print on it. I use it for so many different things, I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have it. It’s especially good to have on tour, so I can hide my hair when I haven’t been able to wash it for a few days. It works better than Dry Shampoo. 

SOTW: If you could steal anyone's closet, who would it be and why?
N.P: For stage clothes, I would steal Kimbra’s closet. She always has really interesting, fun outfits without being too over the top. For personal style, I would love to steal Jenny Lewis’ closet. Her style is vintage and folksy but still very simple and she always looks classy and well put together.  

SOTW:  What is your philosophy when deciding what to wear?
N.P: I don’t have a strict philosophy. When I’m getting dressed I try to put an outfit together that I would like to see on someone else walking around that day. It works for the most part. I just try to keep it classy and make sure I’ll be comfortable in what I’m wearing all day. I do have one rule about not wearing pajamas or workout clothes when I’m running errands.

SOTW: Can you please explain the ribbons on your hand?
N.P: The ribbons wrapped around my hand are actually functional. I play the tambourine and, before the ribbons, I used to hit my hand so hard that it would be blue the next day. So, I decided to make something colorful to wrap around my hand for protection. I cut up scarves and pieces of fabric I had and braided and knotted them together. It works really well so far.

SOTW: Explain how your style has developed after finishing your first tour?
N.P: I am definitely more selective when I’m shopping for stage clothes now. I find myself searching for more versatile pieces, since I can’t fit my entire closet in my suitcase. For shows, I try to be creative by doing the mix and match thing when I’m choosing what to wear, so I don’t have to wear the same outfit every other night.

SOTW: Favorite places to shop?
N.P: I try to shop at vintage and thrift stores as much as I can because you can find such unique pieces there if you look hard enough. H&M, Top Shop and Urban Outfitters are a few of my favorites as well. As long as I can find something affordable and of good quality, I’m happy.

SOTW: 5 essential items that come with you on tour?
N.P: My travel trunk, sketchbook, laptop, bandana and a camera. 

Stic-of-the-Week would like to thank Nora and all of Royal Teeth for being such a wonderful group to work with.

Be sure to check out their music as well as more Royal Teeth information on their facebook page!

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