Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Chelsea's MUST DO's to end Summer 2012 with a BANG!

1. Paddleboarding
2. Wicker Park Festival
3. Waterskiing/Wakesurfing
4. Dive off a boat
5. Lollapalooza
6. Skydiving
7. Bike along the beach
8. Get out of the city, and take weekend trip to Wisconsin and/or Michigan
9. North Coast
10. Go to at least one live show a week
11. Go all out on a Monday night, Rehab at Debonair and Porn & Chicken
12. Eat Pinkberry at least once a week (it has no calories ;-))
13. All you can eat sushi
14. Technology free day
15. Run barefoot on the beach (natural exfoliant)

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