Saturday, June 2, 2012

Langhorne Slim and the Law at Lincoln Hall

Photo Credit: Todd Roeth

Lately, I've been attending a lot of electronic music shows. While I thoroughly enjoy electronic bands and electronic music as a whole, I can say that it was quite refreshing to see Langhorne Slim(aka Sean Scolnick)and his band, the Law, perform at Lincoln Hall on Thursday.

I was running late; Chicago was having a lovely day of rainy, windy weather, and I had dropped my phone onto the wet ground while rushing to get inside. Langhorne Slim was about to begin, so I grabbed a quick drink at the bar and walked in just in time for Langhorne to start singing "Cinderella". At the sound of his voice I was no longer in cold, damp, Chicago; I was back home in Missouri, barefoot in the grass, whiskey in hand, listening to music that closely resembled what I grew up hearing. That feeling didn't leave throughout the entire show. It was almost as if I was watching an old friend as he joked with band mates between songs, bantered with the audience, and engaged everyone by telling stories and including them in songs. Perhaps it was all part of the performance, something he did at every show, but he pulled it off and made me feel absolutely unique. It was all very real and genuine, traits I not only favor in music, but in my day-to-day life.

At the end of their set, they played a song called "On the Attack". I was completely enthralled by the time he sang, "My love, please understand. Jesse, my love, please understand." Is it a coincidence that I was there to review his show and he sang a song about a girl with the same name as me? Most definitely...but I still loved every minute of it.

Their new album, The Way We Move, comes out on June 5th, but for now you can stream it here. After you've listened to and/or purchased the album, please go see them live. It's worth it, I promise. 

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