Monday, June 4, 2012

Do Division Wrap-up

What a weekend! So much music! My ears are tired.


We blasted off with Moon Furies at the Empty Bottle stage (they got the audience to tebow for a music video. Yes, I tebowed. That is not a comfortable position. Also I am not sure what tebowing has to do with outer space or their music but I guess I'll wait to see the music video). They played some sweet new stuff, and reminded everyone that their new EP, Not Earth, is out now.
BBU rocked the stage after them. MY CITY IS LIKE A ZOO.
And then I headed over to the Subt stage to see JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound and I fell in love because JC Brooks is amazing. (Mr. Brooks - call me, maybe?).
Everything from his hairdo to his dance moves to his falsetto were spot on, and he's backed by some fabulous musicians. A+.


I didn't go.


The thing about street festivals is that they are insanely crowded and someone inevitably spills beer on me. Please do not spill beer on me. It's nasty.
My friend and I managed to maneuver through the crowds to the Subt stage, where we saw Young Jesus. The bath salts/cannibal jokes weren't funny, guys. But I bopped along to the tunes. The singer doesn't look like he should have the voice he has, which I love, because I like surprises. I checked out a few of Mutts' songs after YJ. Their music isn't my thing, but I love the energy and talent that goes into that project.
The Soft Pack also played on the Subt stage. Great set. I danced.
Then we maneuvered back over to the Empty Bottle stage for Antlers, who played a gorgeous set. His falsetto kills me every time.

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