Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Dreaming of Hey Rosetta!

I was blown away by the band Hey Rosetta! seeing them a couple years ago playing in Chicago. Now a couple years later coming back and playing Lollapalooza this summer. This Canadian band certainly knows how to capture the stage. The song “Red Song” I was immediately drawn in to, and the song “A Thousand Suns” nearly lit the stage on fire I recall, with such intense sound of the violin and cello beaming through the room. When standing there listening to lead singer Tim Baker, you almost feel as though you are in an trance because you are so consumed in the music. The sound just builds up so nicely in all their songs, it’s like a adrenaline rush with musical notes. 

Their new album Seeds came out February 14th, and you can stream it for free at heyrosetta.com

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