Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Do Division 2012 Line- Up

Damen Stage: Programmed by Empty Bottle Presents 
Friday, June 1st
Black Belles 8:30 pm 
BBU 7:15 pm 
Moon Furies 6:00 pm 
Hosted by Peter O’Connell [Wham City Comedy] 4:45 PM 
Peanut Butter Wolf 8:30 pm 
Besnard Lakes 7:00 pm 
Craig Finn 5:30 pm 
Mannequin Men 4:00 pm 
Peter O’Connell 3:50 / intro 
In Tall Buildings 2:30 pm 
Chris Connelly 1:00 pm 
Sunday, June 3rd
The Antlers 8:30 pm 
Pinebender 7:00 pm
Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons 5:30 pm 
Teengirl Fantasy 4:00 pm 
People’s Temple 2:30 pm 
Eiren Caffall 1:00 pm 
Leavitt Stage: Programmed by Subterranean and House Call Entertainment
Friday, June 1st
JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound 8:30 pm
Todd Hembrook & The Hemispheres 7:15 pm
The O’ My’s 6:15 pm
Saturday, June 2nd
Le Butcherettes 9:00 pm
O’ Death 7:45 pm
White Mystery 6:45 pm
Brown Bird 5:45 pm
The Blind Staggers 4:45 pm
Magic Milk 3:45 pm
Sunday, June 3rd
Murder By Death 8:00 pm
The Soft Pack 6:45 pm
Gypsyblood 6:00 pm
Mutts 5:00 PM
Young Jesus 4:00 pm 

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