Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Peggy Sue and First Aid Kit at Lincoln Hall

Me, my musical friend Kim and the members of Peggy Sue sat down in the backstage stairwell at Lincoln Hall to chat about their music.

Peggy Sue (formerly Peggy Sue and the Pirates) hail from the UK and have the lovely accents to prove it. They're currently on tour with First Aid Kit, and before that were touring with Wild Flag.
Their drummer, Olly, still has two months until he graduates with a degree in pop music, natch. After he's done, the band hopes to begin recording again in the autumn.
"Chicago's a lovely city," said Rosa. Katy agreed - I found out later that it was her birthday when Rosa told the crowd to buy her Malibu and pineapple juice, her favorite drink. 

What really got me during Peggy Sue's show was the percussion. In addition to Olly's drumming, Rosa had sticks and a drums in front of her so she could join in. Power radiates from both Katy and Rosa's vocals. Their entire set had so much energy (also, they used a loop pedal. I'll say it again - I LOVE loop pedals).


First Aid Kit - 
what can I even say?

Their show was a blur of light and long hair - the Stockholm sisters threw themselves around the stage during songs like wild women, and then came back to the microphone to speak to us, sweetly, in accented voices. The things that struck me was their genuine, sweet spirits. They love their music. They love to share it. 
And I love to listen.
They came to the front of the stage to sing "Ghost Town" to us, sans microphones or amplifiers, in the middle of their set. Everyone in the audience sang along, and Lincoln Hall felt like a church. I had to close my eyes from where I was standing in the balcony. The sisters' harmonies rang out and vibrated through the hall. Perfection.
"Come talk to us after the show at the merch table!" they said. And they bowed before they left the stage, as if it were their middle school piano recital.

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