Saturday, April 7, 2012

Chairlift, Nite Jewel, Moon Furies

I realize that this happened over a week ago, but I have been a busy bee.
Buzz, buzz.

Moon Furies: They rocked the EB, as always. I saw them open for Peter, Bjorn & John there at the end of last summer, and both times have been an energetic sweat-fest. Performing is their forte - Jim leaps on and off the stage, trumpeting around the room, Andy dances and plays like a man possessed, and Sammy (their new drummer) hits those drums like they did him wrong.
Fun. Electronic. Dancey. Space music. And I'm totally not biased because I am their friend, no SIR..
Also check it out, me and Jim found a van that we matched.

Nite Jewel: I'll be honest - I didn't really watch their set. Bad, bad music blogger.

Chairlift: Yay! I love Chairlift. I've been listening to Something all of March in preparation for the concert, so it was great to hear the songs live. They didn't play "Bruises," which confused me. Maybe they're sick of it, but as a band, you DO have to recognize that your fans and audience exist and cater to them, at least a bit. The Empty Bottle was packed (sold out, in fact), but I still found room to dance to "Met Before" and "Sidewalk Safari."

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