Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pre-SXSW interview - ~*(((Moon Furies)))*~

SXSW would not be complete without our pals, Moon Furies.
The band put me on speakerphone in their van so I could chat with them as they traveled down to Austin. (This is trickier than it sounds).
They're unsure of how many shows they're playing at SXSW.
"As many as possible," said Andy Kiel (guitar, vocals, keys, synth, cool hair, headbands). He said they're shooting for 15-20 (one of which will be at our party, Grape Stic on the Town!).
Most of those will be impromptu shows, naturally. Moon Furies is kind of good at that.
For those of you who don't know (oh uninformed readers!), this summer they played 100 shows in 100 days (yes, really) to create awareness and raise funds to aid cancer research at the Kellogg Cancer Center. I met them for the first time at one of those shows - they were just packing up their guitars at Chicago and Damen and they asked me to take a Polaroid of them.
Unfortunately for Chicago dwellers, Moon Furies recently moved to Brooklyn, but they'll be back in Chicago at the end of the month at the Empty Bottle with Nite Jewel and Chairlift as part of their tour. Get your tickets!

Moon Furies began about a year ago.
"It's been pretty awesome," Jim Wittmann (vocals, bass, trumpet, keys, synth, old mix CDs from ex-girlfriends) said about the band's journey thus far. "It feels like so long ago since we started. We've done so much."
They're joined by new drummer Sammy Clark to rock your faces off in Austin and the rest of the country.
The most important thing for you to know, though, is that Moon Furies is trying to take a photo of one license plate from every state over the next month while they're touring. So far they're at about twenty, and even saw a couple of Canadian provinces. Keep your fingers crossed for them.

And keep your eyes on their website for a new single - it'll be released soon! Until then, watch this:

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