Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Out of Sight, Out of Town

Standard Fare's new album Out of Sight, Out of Town to be released December 12th is one that will kick you out of any lethargic behavior you have been experiencing these cold December days. A follow up to their acclaimed first release The Noyelle Beat, the Sheffield, UK trio is back for some more quirky indie-trio glory, and with playful track names and wonderfully child-like lyricism to boot. It sounds like the band had extra fun on the track "Dead Future" that comes off as a pop-punk interpretation of an "anything you can do I can do better" situation. While single "Darth Vader", calms things down a bit with its empathetic, and soothing air. Female vocalist Emma Kupa, seems to have channeled a Florence Welch-like belt on most of the album, especially amidst the fast reggae vibe present on "Half Sister". This album is bright and optimistic, but not blindingly so, as one can still feel the gentle soul behind Standard Fare's sprightly and dynamic statements. Check it out next week!!!

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