Tuesday, November 29, 2011

You Need To Know.... Kimbra!

I don't know how I am just finding out about Kimbra, but she is awesome. I saw her music video for "Settle Down", the opening track on her Settle Down EP and this girl has a lot going for her. She is like a more innovative, but just as determined Jessie J. With an eclectic edge, Kimbra projects a vibe that resonates the sound that Amy Winehouse could have had had she not passed away (she also could stand in as Winehouse's look-a-like). When you get down to it though, Kimbra definitely has her own sound that is very spunky, energetic, and extremely pop in essence. On Kimbra's EP, which was released in October of this year, "Limbo", swirls and sways with chiming vocal spurts and glistening guitar sweeping that keeps you on your toes yet boppin' away. But I have to say,  I was especially impressed with the live recording "Plain Gold Ring" where Kimbra hits you with a straight dose of dark moody soul. Her voice just comes off slyly and powerful, and it makes me want to really keep my eyes out for this songstress with a whole lot of inspired glitz, glam, and guts.

Latest tracks by Kimbra

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