Thursday, October 13, 2011

Secret's Out: Nanah

We caught up with the always stylish NANAH HAN, 22, and asked her to spill on some of her best beauty and style secrets and those little things she just can't live without! Here is what she had to say...

Nanah's Must-Haves:
1. BENEFIT "She Laq", $30. This product is one of those that's not even on your radar of beauty necessities but instantly becomes one. I apply it over my finished eye make-up to seal everything in and ensure that nothing rubs off. It's perfect for long days turned into longer nights.
2. PFB "Vanish Roller", $21. I treat myself to waxing every month and it really wouldn't mean much without this roller. Applied daily after showering, it gets rid of ingrowns and bumps so I'm perfectly smooth everyday.
3. DR. SCHOLL'S "For Her Comfort Insoles", $13. I pretty much wear some form of heels, from 2 inches to 5, everyday and these make every pair incredibly comfortable. I can slip them in and out with ease and I even put them in shoes that are already comfortable, just for that extra cushion. You can find them at any Walgreen's or CVS.
4. HANAE MORI "Butterfly Rollerball", $20. Hanae Mori's Butterfly has been my signature scent for years. I stumbled upon the roller version a few months ago and I have kept it in my bag everyday since. It's perfect for when I leave my apartment forgetting to spritz or when I just need to reapply throughout the day.
5. DURI "Rejuvacote", $14. If there's one product I can swear by, it's this. Applied everyday, this clear nail polish thickens nails and makes them stronger. I saw results within a couple of weeks.

Secret's Out: Nanah

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