Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Young Man "Ideas of Distance"

Today, on this gloomy and dreary day, I found a little glow in the music of Young Man, a one man project of Colin Caulfield. Caulfield and his beautifully peaceful and comforting musical arrangements bring you to a feeling of home, with layer upon layer of instrumental and vocal sound wrapping you up like a stack of cozy blankets. Upon first listen, I couldn't help but get caught up in the insightfully played, somewhat distorted guitar that magically glided around in the track "Tired Eyes", nor could I resist the gentle, lulling, vocal harmonies Caulfield used to soften the track as a whole. The single "Nothing",with a harder edge, manages to manifest feelings of optimism, with a gradual crescendo of glistening harmonic and rhythmic components. Singles "Tired Eyes" and "Enough", (both of which I have on constant repeat) are FOR FREE on Young Man's Facebook page, and the album, Ideas of Distance, was released on Itunes today (Sept. 27th). Get at this... you'll be addicted. Young Man Photo

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