Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Girls - Father, Son, Holy Ghost

The video for "Honey Bunny," the second single from the new Girls album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, premiered today on the New York Times website and is now up for your viewing pleasure on YouTube, and right here at Stic! The video features the darling Christopher Owens joy riding around town and picking up chicks while generally hamming it up. I love seeing Owens being so goofy; the fact that he can create an album that's rife with lonliness and lamentation but still doesn't take himself too seriously makes him all the more endearing.

As much as I loved the first Girls LP, Album, ("Hellhole Ratrace" was my anthem for quite a while) the new album far surpasses the first. Owens is able to draw from diverse areas of rock and roll history while remaining unique and contemporary. He references the past without recreating or regurgitating it. Moreover, he is able to transition from one style to another while still maintaining cohesion. Not one track seems out of place, from the upbeat, big surf opener "Honey Bunny" to the mostly instrumental thrasher "Die", from the dream pop "Magic" to the gut wrenching gospel of "Vomit." Check it out, it's probably the best rock release of the last few months and possibly of the year.

Girls are playing a sold out (boo!) show at Lincoln Hall next Thursday, Sept 29. Hope you have your tickets!

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