Wednesday, March 9, 2011

In Tall Buildings - performing in a not so tall building called "The Metro"

In Tall Buildings a band from right here in Chicago, I had a chance to check out on Saturday night at the Metro. This was the first time hearing the band, I was really impressed by their sound and performance. Their laid back soothing melodies are prodigious and bounce off the ear drums quite nicely.

Erik Hall's voice is so anomalous
, it goes so well with the instrumentals. The song I enjoyed the most on the performance/album was "Good Fences."

Good news is they will be performing down in Austin for SXSW several times, then are coming back to Chicago with some more shows. You can check out all the dates here.

You can download the A-side "Warm Rock: here, go here.

Go here to see more pictures and to "Like" Stic.

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